About me

Let’s go straight to the point, I hate self-describing myself, so this page may be a little messy/short.

I’m french and I live in France.

Since 2019, I have a BTS SN IR (French degree).

And since then I’m jobless and I’m lucky to be able to live with my mother.

And also, I try to contribute to FLOSS mostly to OBS Studio.

Why I’m jobless ?

  • I don’t think there is laziness, but make your own opinion.
  • I don’t want to force myself to do something that I don’t want to do as a job.
    • I feel like forcing myself will more hurt me and the people around me rather than help.
    • Getting a salary by suffering like this is not something worth it for me.
  • I have no desire to have a driver license.
  • Maybe because I don’t care enough about myself, this take a while to improve.
  • Maybe because I want to only develop FLOSS (Software).
  • Maybe because I’m just lost in this world.


  • Degree:
    • BAC STI2D (french highschool degree)
    • BTS SN IR (french degree)
  • Work experience:
    • None
  • Quality:
    • I don’t know
  • Lack:
    • I can’t find my quality because I apparently have self-confidence issue when it comes to self-describe myself