My projects

OBS Studio

Most of my project are related to OBS Studio.

Service Overhaul

Overhaul how services is managed in OBS Studio and allow adding services through plugins.

Link to the RFC which depends on another RFC.

Move to MVC pattern

The actual code is almost a chimera of software architectural patterns, applying the MVC pattern will allow to untangle the code and make it more clear.

Link to the RFC.

Switch docking system

Link to the RFC but it is based on ADS, which for now is non-functional under Wayland.

PeerTube plugin

Create a plugin that adds a PeerTube integration to OBS Studio

Other PRs

You can find my other works about OBS Studio here.

Door Knocker

Door Knocker is a simple tool to check the availability of xdg-desktop-portal written in C with GTK4 and Libadwaita.